Miley Cyrus

Keith Urban

Jason Aldean

Tim McGraw

Carrie Underwood

Christina Aguilera

Dave Mustaine (Metallica-Megadeth)

Linda Ronstadt

Scott Stapp/Creed

Garth Brooks

Kenny Chesney

Martina McBride

Brett Eldredge

Dixie Chicks

Ben Folds

Huey Lewis

Faith Hill

Bob Weir/Grateful Dead

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I miss you so much! My voice is so much better. I can hit high notes without sounding like a dying German Shepherd!!!...

Miley Cyrus

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Renee is the greatest voice coach. EVER!!!...

Bo Bice/American Idol

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You give away better information in your free tips than most teachers give in their paid lessons!!!...

Buck Ellard

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Renee, I was meeting and photographing Garth Brooks other night at the Musicians Hall of Fame Awards and he said if I talked to you to tell you hello for him. He had high praise for you, saying you were the best ever in your profession!!!...

Ken Shelton

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I’ve worked with a lot of vocal coaches, but what Renee has to say really makes sense to me!!!...

Linda Ronstadt

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Her system is amazing. I can really relate to it!!!...

Huey Lewis

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Renee has changed my whole approach. Her teaching has given me a lot more confidence in my singing ability!!!...

Tim McGraw

After applying her techniques I couldn’t believe how long I could sustain a note…The small things really make a difference. Like when you focus on the details that put more emotion and passion in the music!!!...

Redhead Express

I have to agree, and Carley as well, that she is the number one vocal coach!!!...

Aberdeen Green
Renee’s secrets for duos.

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Renee is the best vocal coach in the world!!!...

Bob Weir
Grateful Dead

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She has found the true ‘tricks of the trade that can help anyone improve 100%!!!...

Dixie Chicks

So the difference in the boy’s vocal sound, especially Nick of course being the lead singer, since the lessons has been dramatic!!!...

Stephen White
manager, Lee Kernaghan & Wolfe Brothers

You teach beyond staying on pitch and notes, you teach to deliver the emotional content of that song!!!...

Amanda Colleen Williams
hit songwriter (Beer Run & She’s Tired of the Boys/Garth Brooks

LA rocker Michael Snelling came to Nashville just to work with Renee. ``Renee is the greatest vocal coach on the planet!!!...

Michael Snelling

To me she’s really to me the only, great, great, great vocal coach. Because of her I’ve gone many nights singing shows and not thrown my whole voice out so I give a lot of thanks to Renee Grant-Williams!!!...

Andy Griggs

She helped me to sustain my musical career, which is good, considering I have no other skills!!!...

Jill Sobule

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My mind was blown by this woman!!!...

Pat Pattison
Author / Professor
Berklee College of Music

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She takes your skill set, the parts that make your voice unique, and uses those to create a real style and tone as opposed to giving you a canned example of how you should sing and what the right way is!!!...

Daisy Ward

It's not surprising to find that 3 of the 4 singers performing at The Listening Room were former students of Nashville vocal coach Renee Grant-Williams. Here's a short performance compilation with!!!...

Andy Griggs, Dave Gibson
Gibson Miller Band and Chris Blair.

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One of the best things I learned from you was how to move a phrase forward like you are riding on the crest of a wave!!!...

Ben Folds
Ben Folds Five

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Renee Grant-Williams has made a bigger difference in my career than any of the major stars I've worked with as a Recording Engineer. With her techniques I can bring more excitement to my vocal sessions than ever before, and make the words literally pop off the page!!!...

Russ Ragsdale, worked with: Michael Jackson, George Michael, Barbara Streisand, Barry Manilow

I have learned so much from you. Enormous thanks and gratitude for your contribution to my music career and helping me achieve my first #1 album in Australia!!!...

Lee Kernaghan
2008 Australian of the year

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I recommend all aspiring artists learn Renee’s tricks of the trade as early as possible!!!...

Paul Worley, producer of: Lady Antebellum, Dixie Chicks, Martina McBride, The Band Perry Connor Meyer

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I've learned so much about my voice in the last two years. It's unbelievable!!!...

Rachel Horter

She’s helped me overcome a lot of things that have been difficult with me hearing on stage!!!...

Connor Meyer
wounded veteran

“Where have you been all my life? Because in the first 15 minutes of that lesson I learned more than I ever learned on my own in 40 years of singing professionally.”

Bob Marshall

Renee’s a great gal -- lots of fun, lots of fire; spunky and knows her stuff! She helped me open my voice

Michelle Wright

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Renee Grant-Williams is kind, helpful, and effective. Her knowledge of the voice and how it works is outstanding.

Jennette McCurdy (iCarly/Sam & Cat)

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Most music teacher are like ‘warm up your voice’ lalalalla, Renee has taught me how to put emotion into my music and just making my singing better.

Carolina Martinez

I heard about her through a friend who came and had really awesome success, and I’ve been having a lot myself. I really love coming here.

Lydia Dall

She really changed the game for me as far as spicing up my songs.

Mae Beth Harris

Renee’s been phenomenal with my daughter and to all my clients. I represent Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, LeAnn Rimes, Shania Twain, Reba McEntire,… and I co-represent Christina Aguilera. So when they have a little problem, I say here’s a phone number call.

Rod Essig/Creative Artist Agency

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Your contribution was invaluable.

Warner/Reprise Records

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Thanks for everything. I will never forget you.

Kree Harrison/American Idol

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I can say it in one sentence if it weren’t for Renee’s teaching, I wouldn’t be singing today.

Toni Price

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Couple weeks ago I had a rough night dealing with allergies, being congested I’ve had couple of lesson with Renee if I didn’t know what I did then I wouldn’t have been able to make it through half the night singing.

Ryne Brashear

In short, I’m a much better singer for having studied with Renee.

Rodney Crowell

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When I heard what this woman had to say about consonants and phrasing I felt like the heavens just opened!

Mark Simons/Associate Professor Berklee College of Music

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Renee’s the first person who taught me something I could apply.

Kim Wilson/The Fabulious Thunderbirds

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If you want to be a good singer call one of these other guys on your list. If you wanna be Elvis, call Renee.

Greg Humphries/Producer Tootsie’s World Famous Orchid Lounge TN

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She’s a real special teacher and I really like what she does a lot.

John Cowan/Creedence Clearwater Revival

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We believe so strongly in what Renee teaches, that we’ve asked her to join us again.

International Fan Club Orgination

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My producer said you have to go see Renee she will do wonders for you, and she has.

Madi Dean

It’s been really interesting and it’s really cool to see her technique work with so many genres. I’ve had like three or four voice teachers before and none of them have had such a unique technique that really gets you singing better.

Payton Garrity

Renee is a Mastermind vocal coach. Her techniques and tricks of the trade took my singing voice to a whole new level. I've learned and matured so much in the short time I've been taking lessons from her.

Priscilla Barker (American Idol)

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Loose, funny, relaxed -- unlike any voice teacher I’ve ever known.

Songwriters Guild of America

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I came to Renee so I wouldn't embarrass myself at lawyer parties. And, behold, Renee opened up a whole new world for me--Chick Singer World! I have a new passion that feeds both my spirit and my desire for a challenge! Thanks so much!

Alison Prestwood

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Renee is a fabulous renaissance woman with a sense of humor who really knows her stuff.

Edgar Struble/music director Kenny Rogers, The Academy of Country Music Awards and The American Music Awards

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Renee has shown me how to support my sound a lot more than I ever knew before. I have better control of my voice. It’s helped me tremendously.

Dave Gibson, Gibson Miller Band

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Thank you Renee. You have helped my voice so much already I can't wait to get back to work with you again very soon.

Cole Campbell

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She teaches with the precision of a heart surgeon and the attitude of a cheerleader.

Hunter Armistead/Mel & the Part Hats

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