Private Voice Lessons

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w/ Renee Grant-Williams


Renee Grant-Williams analyzes your strengths and weaknesses and gives you solutions so you can learn to sing better with more freedom and emotion.

(In-studio, or via Skype)

SKYPE is the answer!

Virtual Private Lessons
w/ Renee Grant-Williams


It’s almost as good as turning up in person, and SKYPE is free!

See what a few of my other students have to say about working with me by SKYPE. Then call 615.244.3280 or email to schedule your first lesson today.

What if you……….?

Can’t find the right vocal coach in your home town?

Want to save the time it takes to get to your lessons?

Prefer to stay in your bunny slippers during your lessons?


Custom Vocal Evaluation


Want to know how good your voice really is? Renee will give you a professional voice evaluation for only $75. Then you may apply that $75 to your first vocal session if you choose to work with her, (brings the cost down to $160). In-studio or via Skype.

Online Digital FlipBooks

Purchase one of our online flipbooks to always have the tips and tools you need to sing your best in any situation.

“The Art of Singing”

Digital Online FlipBook


We guarantee you’ve never seen anything like it! This must-have brilliantly-colored digital online ebook will exceed your expectations, and open your eyes to a whole new world of singing. Fast-paced and full of variety with lots of unique information for singers at any skill level. Music and Art—together again!

“60 Tiny Tips for Singers”


Razor-sharp tiny tips that deliver BIG results. You will find 60 nuggets of wisdom just waiting to rock your singing world. Both seasoned pros and music newbies can rely on these tips to keep voice training on track. Online FlipBook now available.

Daily Vocal Warm-up

Why bother to warm up your voice before you sing? A good warm-up ensures you will coordinate your brain, body, and voice so they work smoothly together.

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$14.95 *free shipping

Speaking with Emphasis & Conviction CD

This audio program shares one of Renee’s favorite secret techniques, guaranteed to add drama and excitement to your speech and keep your listeners focused on what you say. A valuable supplement to Renee’s book Voice Power and a must for anyone who desires to communicate better—even singers!

$15.00 *free shipping


The Complete Performer Package

Wouldn’t you like to sing better? The Complete Performer Package has everything you need to become the singer YOU want to be.




$69.97 *free shipping


Voice Power Book

Using Your Voice To Captivate, Persuade and Command Attention

Both at work and at home, almost every encounter in life depends on your ability to capture and hold the attention of others. From client meetings to interactions with coworkers and important phone conversations, often it’s not just what you say, but how you say it that makes the difference.

We apologize to our international customers for the high shipping fees. We are still charging you less than our cost. 

$35.00 plus $4.95 shipping