Paul is an alumnus of Carnegie-Mellon University and has a Music Business degree from James Madison University. He is a multi-instrumentalist who has coached vocalists and instrumentalists for over 20 years. His client roster includes top 10 and #1 songwriters, as well as developmental artists for most of the major record labels in town, including Warner Brothers, Sony, MCA, RCA, Mercury, Arista, Curb and Word.


Paul has worked with major-label artistsNeal Coomer (East to West),Gayla Borders, and Georgia Middleman (Blue Sky Riders), as well as songwriters who have written for everyone from Muddy Waters to the Rolling Stones, from Kiss to Billy Ray Cyrus. In addition to teaching voice, Paul teaches guitar, piano, bass and live performance coaching.

Paul stresses:

  • live performance coaching
  • keeping character throughout your vocal range
  • fixing pitch issues
  • diction to get your song across naturally
  • learning to be your own accompanist

“I first worked with Renee in 2006, and have continued to marvel at how many singers she has helped in every genre imaginable. She’s a powerhouse of a teacher. I am honored to continue to work with my friend, and now to teach the vocal secrets she shared with me!”
– Paul Lyman

​Chris Blair, Owner,Kyle Lehning, Producer​Jeff Conyers, Executive Director
"I don't know anyone who wouldn't benefit from working with Paul. I have recommended him many times."
​Chris Blair, Owner,
The Listening Room Cafe
"There are great players, and great teachers, but you rarely find both. Paul certainly fits the bill."
Kyle Lehning, Producer
Randy Travis, Neal McCoy, et al
"An Arista artist recommended Paul to me, and I strongly recommend working with him if you are serious about improving your skills."​
​Jeff Conyers, Executive Director
Dollywood Foundation USA
Paul, Chris Blair, Andy Griggs, Renee Grant-Williams & Dave Gibson.

Paul’s fee is $75 for a one-hour session.To schedule a voice lesson with Paul Lyman call 615.244.3280
or email MyVoiceCoach@comcast.net.

If you prefer to work with Renee this link will take you to her voice lessons page.