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Both at work and at home, almost every encounter in life depends on your ability to capture and hold the attention of others. From client meetings to interactions with coworkers and important phone conversations, often it’s not just what you say, but how you say it that makes the difference.

“Renee Grant-Williams offers valuable insights into using the power of your voice to maximize your leadership skills in all areas.”
–former Senator Fred Thompson

A former member of the NSA Renee Grant-Williams works with corporate executives, television personalities and politicians like: former Senators John Ashcroft, Larry Craig, James Jeffords, Trent Lott and Fred Thompson.

Renee is the author of “Voice Power: Using Your Voice to Captivate, Persuade and Command Attention.”
Considered one of the best business books by Executive Book Summaries.

The secret to successful communication is right under your nose—it’s your voice. Using techniques she developed by coaching high-profile celebrity clients like Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, Dixie Chicks, Faith Hill, Renee Grant-Williams demonstrates how to make the most of this important, but often ignored resource.

Fresh and immediately-applicable ideas that guarantee your voice is one that people want to listen to—a voice that commands respect and gets attention.

These techniques will help train your audience to maximize their effectiveness in any form of speaking—speeches, sales presentations, customer service, and even telephone and voice mail messages.

Renee says. “The gap between people simply hearing your thoughts, and actually remembering and acting on them later, is the result of having a dynamic, evocative voice—one that ensnares the listener the way a Broadway star or any world-class entertainer would captivate an audience.”

To get the results you’d like in life, you need to become the star of the show!

Renee’s fee is $235 for a one-hour session.

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Paul Harvey, Rocco Landesman,American Management AssociationResults RadioAmerican Technical Educational Association
"I learned by bitter experience how we are all inclined to take our voices for granted. Finally a knowledgeable voice coach has prepared a prescription, which none can challenge and all should read."
Paul Harvey,
ABC Radio Network news commentator
​"I've never known a real leader who did not have a compelling speaking voice. In business, as in theater, it is your voice that commands attention and inspires confidence. In Voice Power, Renee Grant-Williams provides the best guide I have ever seen to effective speaking."
Rocco Landesman,
President, Jujamcyn Theaters, and Lead Producer of The Producers, the Mel Brooks musical​
​I highly recommend Renee as a speaker, she was wonderful at our conference. Everyone felt they learned a lot of useful tips and techniques.
American Management Association
I believe that the information and secrets you have to share are valuable to any industry that has to communicate with others.
Results Radio
Your humor and enthusiasm combined with the useful information on voice technique make this program a must for anyone dealing with the public.
American Technical Educational Association